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Use our BIG DATA Proprietary Software To Dramatically Increase Your Advertising ROI.


Our Software Analyzes Pre-Purchase Behavior Patterns, & Generates TARGETED Leads Based on This Behavior

Find Out Who Is Looking To Buy
Exactly What You Sell….

Our software gives you the ability to target your prospects like never before. Retargeting as we know it today is only done on the ad network that generates the list.  Ads are put in front of prospects who meet a specific profile (the old method of generating leads) and the ad networks charge you for creating that list.  On the other hand, we provide you with a custom audience to upload, which immediately lowers the cost per impression…. but the real magic is our way of generating lists of leads based on their online behavior – BIG Data analytics, targeted down to the individual buyer of YOUR products and services.  

Demographic = OLD, Behavioral Analytics = NEW

What if you had the ability to identify everyone who is in market for what you sell, at any point in time, so that you can put your message in front of them wherever they are, online and offline?

That means you can reach them on Facebook, Google, Bing, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon and other online ad networks. And you can reach them via offline channels including email, direct mail and telemarketing.

We provide leads in a universal format that is usable across all of these platforms.

Imagine the Possibilities!

Advertising Platforms have one main concern when you upload a Custom Audience, which is:

Are your ads relevant to that audience?

Every day, your customers commit hundreds of behaviors pre-purchase… behaviors that indicate that they’re preparing to buy exactly what YOU sell. Our software collects and analyzes these behaviors in order to generate “in-market leads” for you – that is, those prospects who are ready-to-buy exactly what you sell.

Did you realize that ad platforms decide whether your ads are relevant by checking your click through rate?  That’s right. So, when you create a custom audience consisting only of in market leads, your click through rate will be exceptionally HIGH and you will be rewarded with lower CPCs!

Your Prospects Can Now Be Permanent & 100% Portable
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This Technology is 100% BOT FREE

Our SaaS software knows who is in the market for what you sell BEFORE they ever opt-in or make a purchase, and before they ever visit your website. It sounds incredible, but it’s true: our Visibility Engine has collected and tabulated important data points on your visitors BEFORE they arrive at your website.  Even more significant is that our software identifies human behavior over BOT Traffic 100% of the time, guaranteed!

That means no more wasted ad spend on fraudulent traffic.

Our ability to match you with people looking to buy what you sell is unparalleled.

Our software is the next generation of “big data audience engineering”.

What types of businesses is looking to provide our in-market leads to?

Businesses That Meet These Criteria:

  • Purchase traffic online and convert that traffic (running on your traffic source(s) of choice)
  • Earn at least $500 per sale
  • Have current revenues of at least $1M per year
  • Have the capacity and desire for growth

If you meet these criteria, and are starting to get a little excited about how this software could transform your business, get in touch with us. We will spend whatever time is needed to help you understand our in market lead generation capabilities, and determine if your business is a good fit.  All customers are different, and a customized approach is required to most effectively meet each customer’s individual needs.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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